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> The Golden Palominos — The Golden Palominos, 1983 (FLAC)
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Дата 9 Сентября, 2007, 18:18
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The Golden Palominos — The Golden Palominos, 1983

The Golden Palominos were an American musical group headed by drummer and composer Anton Fier, first formed in 1981. Apart from Fier, the Palominos membership was wildly elastic. While the Palominos records usually featured a core set of musicians and emotional feel though the bulk of an album, various guest appearances would result in some stylistic changes from track to track.
The group first featured Fier, singer-guitarist Arto Lindsay, saxophonist John Zorn, bass guitarist Bill Laswell and violinist/guitarist Fred Frith, with appearances by bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma, guitarist Nicky Skopelitis, percussionist David Moss, guitarist/singer Bob Kidney, turntablist M.E. Miller and others. Their self-titled debut album was released on New York's Celluloid Records in 1983. The album is notable for having some of the first recorded turntable scratching outside of rap music, courtesy of Laswell and M.E. Miller. They were heavily influenced by so-called no wave music (Arto Lindsay had played in the seminal no-wave band DNA), but their music also contained elements of funk and of the improvisational jazz stylings that would become Zorn's trademark. This line-up lasted only for the first record, although all of the core members, save for Zorn, would guest on subsequent Palominos recordings.

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    1. Clean Plate
    2. Hot Seat
    3. Under The Cap
    4. Monday Night
    5. Cookout
    6. I.D.
    7. Two Sided Fist

Recorded at Radio City Music Hall Studio and OAO Studio, New York, 1983

Anton Fier: drums (1,2,3,4,6,7), percussion (1,2,4,6), DMX (2,4,5);
Arto Lindsay: vocals (1,3,4,6,7), guitar (2,3,4,6);
Fred Frith: guitar (1,6,7), violin (1,7);
Bill Laswell: prepared fretless bass (1), 6 string bass (1), 4 and 8 string basses (2,7),
shortwave (2), Steinberger bass (3,5), slide bass (3), fretless bass (4,6), piano strings (5), turntables (5);
Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Steinberger bass (1,7);
David Moss: non rhythmic percussion (1,7), Bertoia sound sculptures (3);
John Zorn (1,2,3,4,6,7): alto saxophone, clarinets, game calls;
M.E. Miller: vocals (2), turntables (2,4);
Michael Beinhorn: treatments (1), DMX bass drum (1), piano (5);
Nicky Skopelitis: guitar (4,6);
Thi-Linh Le: vocals (4);
Roger Trilling: records (5).

Вот и всё, что было, не было и нету.
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