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> Data Rescue PC RecoverSoft (восстановление информации)
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Дата 1 Августа, 2006, 17:18
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Prosoft Engineering Data Rescue PC RecoverSoft 1.0 is revolutionary in both ease-of-use and power. Simply insert the CD and reboot your computer. Data Rescue PC will automatically access your drive then guide you through the file recovery process with simple step-by-step directions. With a friendly graphical user interface, you select the files you wish to recover, then they are stored for you on your external USB, FireWire, or secondary internal hard drive.

Because Data Rescue PC comes on a bootable CD, the time-consumming install process found in other utilities simply doesn’t exist - you are up and running fast Since Data Rescue PC’s CD is equipped with its own Operating System, tuned especially for data recovery, your hard drive isn’t needed for the boot process - this means that Data Rescue PC can help you even in the most serious emergencies.
Data Rescue PC can recover:
    • Lost, deleted, and damaged files and folders.
    • Digital pictures, videos, and music.
    Data from software and application crashes.
    • Lost data from virus attacks and software crashes.
    • Accidentally formatted media – even after Windows has been reinstalled.
    Data from damaged and missing partitions - even if the file system components (Partitions, MBR, FAT, Root, or MFT) have been damaged.
    Expanded Features:
    • Quick Scan for faster use.
    • Finds specific files.
    • Filters files and file systems to refine or expand results.
    • Creates detailed file and folder reports.
    • Shows detailed file system component changes.
    • Plug-n-Play: attach a USB or Firewire device to recover data without rebooting.
    The Hidden Benefits:
    • No computer disassembly, software installation, boot diskettes, or imaging devices required.
    • Even when your computer cannot boot into Windows, Data Rescue PC automatically accesses your drive to recover data.
    • Easy to Use: Insert the CD, let it self-boot, Select the media to scan, Choose the files to recover, Recover the data to a reliable drive – recover to a USB or Firewire (IEEE 1394) hard drive.
    • Manual built into the program with step-by-step directions on each screen.
    • All Microsoft Windows file systems: 2003, XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, 95, 3.x and DOS.
    • Multiple media types: Hard Drives (IDE / EIDE / SCSI / ATA / SATA), USB/ IEEE 1394 Devices, Digital Cameras, Digital Music Players, Zip, Jaz, FDD.
ИМХО лучшая софтина для безвозвратно снесенной информации с HDD, особенно под FAT32

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